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“Love dispensary”. Loyal friends”–Don’t Become a victim of criminals

“To Activate Love Dispensary,  Please enter the OPT8234”. Says a message on your Mobile.  Another SMS says “my heart is looking for true friends like You.  Please call.   me .at 5818155036”.Yet another Says :I wanted friends love.  Call me at 5630035″ . These type of messages are seen on Mobile very frequently,  almost daily.  Beware of such SMS from fraudsters who want to trap somehow and finally make you part with your hard earned money.    

        Media reports indicate that even educated and highly  placed persons are becoming Victims of cyber crimes and losing money.  

       It is a matter of irony that inspite of repeated warnings from cyber crime officials, police,   Banks and other agencies,  scsmsters are having a field day. Beware of different types of tricks being played by unscrupulous elements.  Once you respond to such messages,  you will be trapped and lured in many ways.  Better not to respond such SMS.

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