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Low cabin pressure in Jet Airways flight causes nosebleeds

Jet Airways flight en route Jaipur was turned back to Mumbai mid-air Thursday morning after passengers suffered ear and nosebleeds as well as headaches due to low cabin pressure. According to sources, a crew member of the Mumbai-Jaipur Jet Airways flight forgot to turn on the switch to maintain cabin pressure during the take-off. For terror-stricken moments on a Jet Airways flight that took off from Mumbai this morning, oxygen masks came down, passengers felt dizzy and some were bleeding from their noses.

The flight, with 166 passengers, had to turn back shortly after taking off for Jaipur. Over 30 passengers complained of nose-bleed and many suffered headaches after the crew on flight forgot to flick a switch that helps regulate cabin air pressure. One passenger was taken to hospital by Jet Airways officials. In a statement, the airline expressed regret and said its cockpit crew had been “taken off scheduled duties pending investigations”. The civil aviation ministry has asked for a report on the incident. After the Boeing 737 aircraft landed, passengers were taken to the airport terminal where doctors administered first aid.

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