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Man plots own murder so family can claim insurance

Man plots own murder so family can claim insurance

One has often heard of people giving contracts to get someone else killed but one man in Rajasthan’s Bhilwara gave a contract to get himself murdered. A man named Balbir allegedly planned the murder so that his family could claim the Rs 50 lakh insurance that was in his name. To do so, he paid two men Rs 80,000 to kill him. Balbir contacted a UP resident Sunil Yadav to do the deed. Sunil called another man Rajvir to be his accomplice.

The two then strangled Balbir. Police have arrested both accused. The police probe revealed that Balbir had borrowed Rs 20 lakh from people and had loaned the money further on a heavy interest. However, he was in dire straits, as he hadn’t received the interest or the principal amount since the past six months.

Frustrated with his situation, he took out personal accidental insurance in his name worth Rs 50 lakh. For this, he even paid a premium of Rs 8,43,200. Then, he hatched a conspiracy to kill himself all so his family could claim the insurance. Balbir wanted to save his family from being troubled by the debtors.

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