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Mapmygenome Adds QR Code to COVID Reports as per Dubai Guidelines

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India-based genomics company Mapmygenome announced that their COVID test reports include a QR code enabling access to the original test report stored in their secure LIMS server. All reports generated at Mapmygenome laboratories have the QR code as well as information on date and time of sample collection and sample reporting. This announcement comes within days of Dubai Health Authority’s new guidelines.
Mapmygenome has two COVID testing labs – one at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport Hyderabad and one at their Corporate Headquarters. All samples collected are accessioned to their in-house Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), Biotracker. The entire process flow for all their tests is mapped into Biotracker. This LIMS also has a BARCODE and QR CODE generating tool. Mapmygenome’s IT team has enabled the inclusion of QR code to all COVID reports. On scanning the QR code on the printed report, authorities can access the original report.
Mapmygenome CEO Ms. Anu Acharya said, “Dubai Health Authority’s new QR code  guidelines are an assured way to ensure honesty in COVID test result reporting and we are really happy to comply. With the number of air passengers increasing, this is a good measure to track and prevent further spread of COVID. All passengers travelling via Hyderabad can take this test at the International Airport and receive QR coded test reports. Our automated workflow enabled us to implement this change with Zero downtime.”

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