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Milch cattle to be given 2.13 lakh milk suppliers

As part of its aim to revive the rural economy,  the government will soon start a scheme of she buffalos and cows distribution on subsidies, Animal Husbandry Minister T Srinivas Yadav today said. In the first phase, 15000  she buffalos will be distributed among the selected beneficiaries. Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has instructed distribution of subsidised buffalos to 2.13 lakh persons selling milk to the four dairies in the state,   Mother Dairy, Vijaya Dairy, Mulkanur Dairy and Karimnagar Dairy. The Minister held a meeting with Animal Husbandry Secretary Sundeep Sultania, Vijaya Dairy M P Nirmala, Sheep Development Society M D Lakshma Reddy,  Vijaya Dairy chairman L Bhooma Reddy, Karimnagar Dairy chairman Rajeswara Rao, Mother Dairy chairman Gutha Sukhender Reddy and reviewed the scheme of supply of she buffalos to farmers.

Srinivas told the media that the government has plans to give subsidy buffalos to 2.13 lakh people in a phased manner in six months,  he said. The minister said that it was decided to distribute subsidised buffalo to the milk sellers of the four dairies. This new scheme will be started in August first week,  the minister said. The Government will provide an offer to the beneficiaries to select their choice of buffalos as part of the scheme.

Srinivas also said that they plan to purchase the milch animals from states such as Punjab, Haryana, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The farmers with membership in milk industry societies and selling milk to these four dairies will be taken on a  visit to the states, along with the officials, to assess the quality of the milch animals and purchase them,  he clarified.

As per the plan of the government, each buffalo unit costs about Rs 80000 and Rs 5000 will be given towards transportation charges and the beneficiaries will get them on subsidies. The Chief Minister instructed to give 75 per cent subsidy to SCs and STs and 50 per cent subsidy to others. Every month, 15,000 milch cattle would be purchased, he added.

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