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Mind mapping helping students to perform better during exams

Mind mapping

Inculcating mind mapping in teaching methods is more effective and plays a significant role in the process of education globally. 

Similarly, students are trying to develop amazing learning methods to become successful in their education. With the increase in competition, it is vital to remember everything and write it in exams. So, a visual representation enhances study skills and allows them to look at the topics in an easier process by retaining them for a longer duration. 

According to proven records, there was a 12% increase in exam score for the students who wrote the exam by using mind maps. When the group that did not use mind mapping was later introduced to the mind mapping method, their achievements increased equally validating the results.

Using mind mapping in schools

Mind mapping has several uses and is being utilized by both students and teachers alike. 

Moreover, according to studies conducted in a school, students claimed that they have remembered the lessons when studied by using mind maps. They have implemented various ways to produce the results in a better way. Few of them are listed as below

Taking notes

Project planning


Moreover, it is essential for the following reasons:

Visualizing concepts

Brainstorming sessions

Enhancing critical thinking

Improving writing, reading and thinking skills

storyboarding presentations

Outlining the concepts

How to draw a mindmap

Though they are many tools available, you can use prepare your own mindmaps based on the following ways

Begin with the central concept or idea that the rest of the topics comes under this main concept. Hence, selecting the main idea is the crux of mind mapping.

The second step is to create branches that represent the main idea. Have different colours and images to differentiate the branches and sub-topics

Third, create sub-branches that stem from the main branches and expand your ideas and concepts. You can still elaborate based on the whole theme. Include images and sketches to brainstorm and create sub-branch topics. 

But, the biggest question arises in what concepts we can create a mind-map? This can be used in whatever subject you want to use, but you can easily create mindmap for 


To learn Grammar, 


Reading comprehension

Lab reports

Business mind map

For teachers, to make a teaching plan

To sum it up, Mind maps, help students to understand the theoretical concepts better and write their exams better. It helps in learning a new language better.

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