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Minister Slams BJP Sanjay on CM jibe

Bandi Sanjay Kumar

Minister Gangula Kamalakar, MLA Balka Suman and MLC, Naradasu Lakshman today hit out at the BJP state leadership for comments on TRS government.  The Minister alleged that the BJP leaders are resorting to mud slinging on Chief Minister,  K Chandrasekhar Rao for mileage. 
Addressing a press conference they accused BJP state president Bandi Sanjay of indulging misinformation campaign on the government.  They sought to know what he development he done for his Karim Nagar segment and the state.   The BJP leaders are trying to creating chaos by wrong talk and confusing the farmers. 
As an MP Vinod Kumar tried to get funds for Kothapally Manoharabad railway lane,  IIIT and  national highways and others the minister said.  However now IIIT is gone to Rayachur due to inefficiency of Sanjay he charged.  However the BJP failed to help those in need during floods and inundation in Hyderabad and Warangal. 
They warned that the TRS government will not keep quite for such false charges and campaign.  The BJP should be cautious before making g false allegations they said The TRS leadership will not remain quite and hinted at taking action on Sanjay.  Because of KCR hunger protest and statehood,  Sanjay got the MP post he added.  The BJP leaders cannot digest development programs being done by our government they deplored.  The BJP leaders make tall claims and could not bring the funds the minister charged.

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