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Moscow creates new learning opportunities through VR

learning opportunities through VR

Moscow center for quality education creates new learning opportunities through VR for comprehensive assessment of knowledge and skills of students in the project “Diagnostics in virtual reality”.

The use of the most advanced technologies in education improves the quality of assessment and allows the student to get a new, unlike anything else, experience of testing his/her competencies. 

Learning opportunities through VR

Diagnostics in the format of virtual reality is the best opportunity for students to learn the real level of knowledge and skills in various subjects, because diagnostics in the format of virtual reality has:

  • High interactivity
  • Comprehensive assessment of user actions to build an analytical map of knowledge and skills;
  • The potential to create any virtual environment as close to reality as possible;
  • The ability to create conditions in which the student does not experience stress, as used game visualization elements.

History of development

  • Experiment on implementation of VR technologies in the process of knowledge and skills assessment
  • First experience-physics, biology
  • Astronomy – testing another platform (HTC VIVE)
  • Chemistry (in development) – simulation of laboratory work. Creating a safe environment for experiments
  • Stereometry (in development) – solving problems in stereometry, which have a practical applicability
  • English (in development: recently contracted) – a complete simulation of interaction in a foreign environment. He is communicating with characters with branched dialogues, to games aimed at testing knowledge and skills

Benefits of using VR

  • The ability to reproduce an environment that is inaccessible to educational institutions due to its danger or inaccessibility in the real world.
  • With VR you can test not only knowledge but also skills.
  • VR allows you to provide a complete immersion in diagnostic procedures, creating a sense of reality of what is happening. This allows you to create an assessment of knowledge and skills in almost real “combat” conditions
  • The bonus of using VR is academic honesty. Reducing the risk of cheating during diagnostic activities. 

Get Familiar to VR products

  • Astronomy

The student gets into a detailed simulated solar system: 10 planets, an asteroid belt, satellites of planets, and even space debris around the Earth.

There are two modes: learning mode, where the student in an interactive form travels to all the planets of the solar system, while the VoiceOver tells about the history of the planets and their physical and chemical properties; in the diagnostic mode, the student must pass a series of tasks to test their knowledge about the solar system, based on his actions and answers during the diagnosis, an assessment of the completeness of knowledge will be formed.

learning opportunities through VR

  • Stereometry

The student is invited to plunge into the world of stereometry, where on the basis of real objects from our lives is learning and testing the knowledge of theorems, axioms and properties of figures.

Specifically for this diagnosis, 150 unique tasks have been developed, with the help of which it is possible to check any topics in the course of stereometry.

At any time, you can increase the number of tasks, thanks to a specially designed task designer, which allows the teacher to create a task of any complexity,and then send it to the student. 

  • Chemistry

The student is in a virtual laboratory, where there are all conditions for the study of various reactions of various substances, their properties and formulas.

Specifically for this purpose, 10 different laboratory works have been developed, which are both training and evaluating, depending on the choice of the number of tips. 

Description platforms

  • Samsung Gear VR is a mobile platform that allows diagnostics among many students at the same time
  • HTC Focus-similar to the device from Samsung, but allows you to register the position of a person in space (movement, tilt and more)
  • HTC VIVE is a more powerful platform that allows you to literally move around in virtual space and interact more actively with the environment

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