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Moscow Global forum “City for education” 2018:ready for new discoveries!

The education around the world actively develops. The technological breakthrough made the process of training available and convenient. Thanks to the new projects targeting at a combination of traditional and digital education, the pupils can achieve the highest results in Study. The richest sociocultural environment of the city becomes a resource for the development of education worldwide.

Moscow actively participates in the creation of the latest methods of training and implementation of the innovations in the process of education. The largest communication and exhibition platform as Moscow Global forum “City for education” 2018 will allow the guests to visit the biggest one interactive class, where modern technologies and new decisions will be presented. In this big city space, the child obtains many-sided opportunities for education including opportunities outside a class. At the heart of a forum, you can see the child and resources, which the megalopolis can provide for his development. These are new prospects for experiments, creativity and a confident look in the future.

Moscow Global forum invite Brainfeed magazine to visit the second Moscow Global forum

“City for education” starts on August 30th and will come to the end on September 2nd. The forum takes place in Moscow for the second time. The statistics show his popularity as in Russia as abroad. Last year 35 thousand citizens and guests of the capital visited this forum, 200 experts acted as speakers, 80 exhibitors shown innovative educational solutions. This year the forum will be opened for more than 50 countries, the platform will bring together about 100 thousand guests from around the world, 200 Russian and international experts will discuss modern educational trends.

Among the foreign speakers:

William Rankin is Former Director of Learning on the global education team at Apple Inc., Founder and Head of Unfold Learning;

David Ross is the CEO of P21;

Mikael Uusi-Mäkeläis COO and Co-Founder of TeacherGaming;

Aram Pakhchanian is Head of school Ayb;

Vibhu Mittal is CEO of Edmodo.

Moscow Global forum


100 companies-exhibitors, which are the participants of an exhibition, will be among such companies as: “LEGO EDUCATION”, Promethean, United3DLabs, VRTECH, Polymedia, Danone, 1C. The participants of the forum “City for education” will be able to estimate changes, which have happened in a capital educational system in recent years. According to the international research of quality of education of PISA the good results of Moscow pupils show the positive tendencies. The visitors will be able to see and personally test those opportunities, which are at Moscow schools now.It is important to note that the program of events is aimed at the widest range of the visitors. The main events of the business program of a forum are interactive pedagogical marathon, municipal faculty meeting and teachers’ convention. The leading Russian and international experts will discuss the trends in education at the international conference of heads of education systems of the cities of the world. It will be a question of global municipal education during a transformation era, Moscow digital education, mega schools for the megacity –the laboratory of a way of life and social innovations. Education of the 21st century is a platform for interaction of different institutes where all its participants act in common interests.

For the youngest visitors3D-makerthons, and junior-hackathons were prepared. At a forum, it is possible to do the key Moscow projects, including Moscow Electronic School, service “My Achievements”, technologies of virtual reality, master classes from teachers of preprofessional education (in engineering, medical, scientific and technological classes). On the platform of the Moscow Global forum, the opening ceremony of the III Olympiad of megalopolises will be held. The record number of the pupils from all planet will compete for the rank of the world leader in the field of mathematics, informatics, physics and chemistry.

The information entertainment program of Moscow Global forum “City for education” includes WorldSkills Show, flash mob of “Careers of the future ages”, city festival of hackathons and quests, charity run. For the first time rewarding of winners of an award for journalists “City for education” will take place on the platform. The youth will be able to visit the sections devoted to young bloggers in education and support of educational startups.

Russia is the driver of modern education. Moscow is the centre of attracting innovations. There is a special educational environment created here for the future generations to be the successful professionals.

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