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MS Dhoni finds a fan in beauty pageant stage

Former India skipper MS Dhoni has innumerable fans across the world. He also is a very humble person which makes him very popular among female fans as well. Recently, at a beauty pageant stage a contestant when asked about whom would she vote as the ideal candidate and why, she promptly said MS Dhoni and then gave valid reasons to support her candidate which impressed Sushant Singh Rajput and Shilpa Shetty who were present as judges for the show.

“He has the qualities that a great leader should possess. Firstly, he is the ‘captain cool’. He can take situations in a calm way. Secondly, he always encourages his teammates to okay better and that’s teamwork. The third one being he always helps others,” said runners-up Roshni Sheoran, the contestant at the Miss Diva 2018.

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