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The spiritual crusade of TTD for the well-being of humanity and protection from pandemic Covid reached a new high on Sunday morning with the beginning of Nakshatra Satra Maha Yagam at the Dharmagiri Veda Pathashala.
Principal of the Dharmagiri Veda vijnan peetham KSS Avadhani said, as part of the Maha Yagam the Shrouta yagas of purvangabhutas will be performed on May 9-11. 
Speaking on the occasion  Avadhani said the Maha yagam performed for well being of global humanity will last till June 15.
From May 12 onwards the Shrouta yagas of all devatas of 28 nakshatras from Kruthika naksatram to Bharani Naksatram and Abhijeet naksatram will be performed. Thereafter Shrouta yagas will also be performed for Chandra, Ahoratramulu, Usha Kala, and Nakshatra samanyamu, Surya Bhagavan, Aditi and Vishnu etc.
Legends say that since every person is born in any of 27 naksatram in the world, the yagas will protect every one of them. The yagas commenced on Vaisakha shudda Padhyam day (today) during the confluence of Rohini and Kritika naksatram.
 Avadhani appealed to devotees to beget the divine fruits of the yagas by witnessing the sacred rituals Live telecast on SVBC.
Meanwhile on Sunday from 11.00 am-2.00 pm the rituals of Vichinnadanam, Agnihotram will be observed and the Yaga programs will continue 6.00- 8.00 pm in the evening.
Acharyas of Dharmagiri Veda Pathashala and other Rutwicks were present.

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