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Nandamoori Harikrishna : The man without  an ego

 The man without  an ego

Famous music director M.M.Keeravani said that the demised actor Nandamoori Harikrishna is a person without any egos. It is known that Harikrishna died in a road accident on Wednesday morning. In this regard, Keeravani shared with his fans an interesting thing on twitter.

When the demised actor N.T.Ramarao was the Chief Minister, Harikrishna was one day going in a car in Hyderabad. Police stopped his car at Musheerabad with the reason that he jumped the signals. They wrote the penalty for violating traffic rules. Then Harikrishna confessed his mistake and paid the penalty amount without revealing the fact that he was the son of the Chief Minister. Recollecting this incident, Keeravani memorized his closeness with Nandamoori Harikrishna.

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