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NIMS hospitals begin Covaxin Clinical Trials


Hyderabad As corona cases in GHMC area, are increasing day by day NIMS Hospitals in Hyderabad has today began ” Clinical trials ”  here. 

Though it planned to conduct the same last week the NIMS hospitals doctors  on  Tuesday started the clinical trials according to information.  As per ICMR guidelines the doctors have collected samples of blood from a selected few people fir the purpose. 

The Centre and ICMR have designated 12 hospitals across the country including NIMS hospitals in Hyderabad in Telangana.  It is said that as many 1275 persons will undergo clinical trials in these hospitals. 

According to information,  NIMS hospitals will conduct the clinical trials on about 60 patients who are volunteers.  The clinical trials uses  Covaxin, a vaccine to prevent virus spread, manufactured by Bharath Biotech Company.  NIMS Hospital officials have started the clinical trials process by using the Covaxin, the sources said.  The vaccine will be used in three stages on healthy persons to find its functioning and results. 

NIMS Hospital officials stated that the registration of healthy persons started upon their agreement for the clinical trials.  The doctors will conduct several tests on them before commencing the clinical trials as per process..  The doctors informed that they will observe the persons for two days after the first dose. 

NIMS director Manohar said that they will give second dose of Covaxin to them after 14 days.   They chose right persons who cooperate for the same after collecting blood samples.  The first dose will be administered  on the persons after a week they said. 

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