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Nipah virus case confirmed in Kerala, 86 people under observation

A college student has been infected with the Nipah virus in Kerala. State Health Minister KK Shailaja today said, the results of blood samples, which were tested at the National Institute of Virology in Pune, have confirmed Nipah. The student has been admitted to a hospital in Kochi. Ms Shailaja said, the condition of the student is stable and he was not put under any support system like ventilator.

She said, 86 people who have interacted with the student were under medical observation. Earlier, blood samples examined at two virology institutes –Manipal Institute of Virology and Kerala Institute of Virology and Infectious Diseases — had indicated Nipah.

A six-member team dispatched by the centre yesterday has reached Kerala to tackle the NIPAH virus outbreak. Nipah virus is transmitted from animals to humans and spreads through contact. It is associated with fatal encephalitis and respiratory illness. There is no known vaccine against the virus.

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