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Niranjan Reddy tells Cong chief Uttam: Sampath charges of land grabbing malicious

Niranjan Reddy

Agriculture Minister S Niranjan Reddy today slammed the Congress party Telangana Chief N Uttam Kumar Reddy for his baseless charges  by the congress leaders of land grabbing, farm house and violation of norms.
In an open letter to Uttam Kumar Reddy, the Minister hit out at the congress leaders for their falsehood about land grabbing of 200 acres in Wanaparty his home district.  We have acquired  21 /2 acres as per norms of the government and did not grab any lands. My wife got it for charitable Goshala run by my daughter he clarified. There is no truth in Sampath Kumar’s false charges he reiterated. Congress leader Sampath Kumar made malicious comments in this regard,  the Minister deplored.
In the letter, Niranjan Reddy said , ‘I am addressing this with deep anguish and agony stating following facts and details upon the irresponsible, malafide, deliberate and concocted story that was narrated by your party leader and former legislator, Sampath Kumar yesterday to which you were also presented in the said Zoom as reported in both Print and Electronic media.
I would like to clarify that the issues so far as referred against me are far from truth and reality. They are not only unfounded but made with malicious intention to tarnish my image as a public representative and Minister in Telangana Government.
It was alleged in the said Press Meet that I own and possesses 200 Acres of land and a lavish Farm House in my village (Pangal Mandal & Wanaparthy District).  It is to the utter surprise of the world and more particularly to the people of my area and District that such a wild allegation levelled against me.  
As a matter of fact I have stated in my December, 2018 elections Affidavit all the moveable and immoveable properties and owned by me and my wife and the said Affidavit is in public domain.   I have mentioned about 30 Acre of my land, less than 10 Acres of my wife’s land in which Mango orchard is prevalent for the last 15 years.  I have also mentioned that a Residence-cum-Gyenic OP clinic is built by my wife for our daughter who is a medical practioner.
  It was shown clearly that, at that time it was semi finished.  For constructing this Hospital-cum-Residence by my wife she had borrowed loan from SBI, Pangal Branch apart from meeting her own resources.  The total land and structures were already existing as mentioned in my election Affidavit.  
Only for Goshala purpose 21/2  Acres land is acquired by my wife about 2 years ago and a charitable Goshala is run by our daughter.   The total extent of land in my village is less than 50 Acres (including the latest one at Chandur Village) and surprisingly said Sampath Kumar says 200 Acres.  This is highly condemnable and it is derogatory intended to defame me which attracts legal action.
He had also uttered alleging that I have grabbed some temple lands in Wanaparthy and Pebbair which is a baseless criminal accusation.   I should make it clear to you that I am a Lawyer by profession besides conventional Agriculturist ever since 1984 onwards.  I and my wife are also Income Tax assesses for decades.  Our 3 daughters who are majors got educated in overseas, employed and married, live in Australia having their own respective establishments, assets and liabilities independently.  But they have been supportive to the parents whenever need arises.  Out of 3 daughters eldest had returned and settled in Hyderabad and settled as Gynecologist who is committed to serve our native area with medical services with the OP Clinic-cum-Residence, that is built.  The other 2 daughters and families are in Australia.
During my legal practice I was Advocate on record for one of the contesting parties in the Inam Tribunal cases at Wanaparthy and Pebbair in 1990s.  I gave up my briefs once I became full time activist in Telangana movement after 2001.  Thereafter I did not evince any direct or indirect interest in the proceedings referred.  It is astonishing to see attributions against me which directly or indirectly I have no connections with the said land proceedings.  It may be surprising to note that the Inam Tribunalat Gadwal and later at Wanaparthy and Appellate Authority at Mahabubnagar have successively passed orders in those Inam proceedings of Wanaparthy and Pebbair not in favour of our the then client but in favour of otherside parties and that too these orders were passed during 2005 to 2013 during which your Congress party was in power.  Does it mean that people in your Government have influenced for such orders? Can anybody cast aspersions on the legal authorities who try and dispose such proceedings?  In the said matters, on my subsequent enquiries it was found that upon the directions from High Court and also CCLA, the Appellate Authority has decided last year upholding the orders of the RDOs (Inams Tribunal) who passed their orders during 2005 to 2013.  There is nothing new which appellate authorities passed nor the said orders are in favour of my erstwhile client (Sri S. Ajay Kumar who died last year).  Then how ridiculous it is to attribute to me when the case ended against my client.  Senseless and baseless allegations are only made with dual purposes, one: is to defame and tarnish my image and two: is to facilitate the successors of Late Raja Rameshwar Rao who claimed the Inam Land as purchased by them. As could be seen from Revenue Records from 1950-51 onwards this is the Inam land of Late Are Krishna Rao succeeded by Sri Manoj Rao, Sri Narsing Rao and so on.  
It is a statutory imperative that a private land even if it is given or endowed to Endowment, cannot be accepted unless it is free from encumbrances. The given land is undoubtedly Inam land of poor farmers. Where upon  protected tenents were recorded by depriving their rights it cannot be endowed to Department.  Of course, all such matters have been debated over decades and litigation of which started in 1990s.  Your Sampath Kumar and other our political adversaries have been mudsling upon me only to facilitate successors of late Raja Rameshwara Rao.  I make it very clear that if your Sampath Kumar or Congress party are really committed to propose and use this disputed land for public purposes I assure that I would be more than happy to construct 2BHK houses to the poor, provided the people who are barking should opt a relinquishment deed from successor of late Raja Ramshwara Rao within 1 month so that other claimants can also be persuaded together in the larger interests of the people.
You also personally know that  Raja Krishna Deva Rao is a Congress Man and your close relative.  You may also prevail over/see to happen that as many people are speaking on his behalf.  Let  Raja Krishna Deva Rao come forward and relinquish his rights in favour of Government and we shall welcome it.
I am terribly upset when such unfounded accusations are made in your presence and you are not other than a former Legislator for many terms, former Minister and presently  MP besides being PCC Chief.   It is a fundamental principle and you must be aware that one has to prove what he alleges with substantial material.  Otherwise, he shall be penalised by both Civil and Criminal actions.  
So, I call upon you to regret for what has happened and I demand you to seek unconditional apologies from  Sampath Kumar forthwith.
Otherwise my right of taking Civil and Criminal action is herewith reserved.

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