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No Plan To Ban Chewing Tobacco Now” Nitish Kumar

On Monday Chief Minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar clarified that his government has no plans to ban khaini (tobacco) now.

He also asserted that there were no differences in NDA in Bihar. “As of now the government has no plan to bam khaini…it’s a long-term process and we are mulling over alternatives for farmers engaged in khaini production is the state.”

He also said that the government was planning on making an amendment in the state’s prohibition and excise law. ” I have cleared each and every query on prohibition in the state but still some people keep writing over it… but let me clear here that people at large are satisfied with it”.

Nitish Kumar said,”We need to make an amendment in the lae as certain points have come to my notice, like to create alternative livelihoods for those who were earlier engaged in this business.”

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