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Officials lift 3 crust gates at Nagarjuna Sagar project

Nagarjuna Sagar

Irrigation Officials today lifted three crust gates at Nagarjuna Sagar project. As the inflow from upstream increased due to heavy rains,  the government took steps to release waters downstream to maintain actual level. 

TRS MLA,  Nomula Narsimhaiah and CE Narsimha have lifted the gates at 11  at the project site. While Sagar capacity is 590 ft now it has reached 585 ft. 

Since heavy rains and floods are causing havoc the officials were on alert to maintain actual waters level in the project.  Against 312 cusecs storage capacity Nagarjuna Sagar has now 280 cusecs,  according to informed sources. 

The Sagar is receiving 4 lakh cusecs from upstream Srisailam project. The officials informed that they may lift a few more crust gates if more waters come from upstream. 

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