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One Lakh Andhra NRIs Worldwide Held Protests for Amaravati in More than 300 Cites


The dream of Amravathi as capital of 6 crore people have crumbled. The efforts to bring Singapore- one of the most respected countries in the world- on board have gone waste as they have dubbed it as a real estate project and scared the away country. This was the respect shown by the Jagan government to the country which is respected all over the world and come forward to help us.

The government’s decision to kill a booming city and trifurcate it has not only altered the status of the state capital; it has destroyed the people’s faith in government systems. It has strangled the sacrifice and made sure people can never trust a government.

Jayaram Komati,
San Francisco,USA.

The Amaravati movement was started to stop this mistake from turning into a historical blunder. Today marks its 200th day of the movement. That’s why Andhra Pradesh has moved once again for Amaravati. Telugu people have moved as they don’t want to see the sacrifice of farmers- who gave their golden lands without taking a single rupee- going wasted. Every Andhra Pradesh NRIs from all corners of the globe have expressed their solidarity with Amaravati farmers. Even during the COVID crisis, One State One Capital slogan has reverberated in all corners of the world.

On the occasion of the 200th day of the Amaravati movement, “Jayaram Komati”, a renowned NRI in the USA, has called on the NRIs to come out in support of the movement. Although the expectations were modest, the call has received an overwhelming response with more than a one lakhs NRIs joined this movement across the world.

The idea was to express solidarity in 200 cities all over the world to mark the 200th days of the movement. However, in the U.S. itself, NRIs have joined the solidarity event from more than 230 cities, with the global number going up to 300. Women, men, children, elderly…people from all the age groups have expressed their support to the cause. The rulers have stunned to see such a massive support to Amaravati cause said NRI from USA Mr. Jayaram Komati,

This event was conducted across the world in full adherence to COVID rules. NRIs from different cities in different countries have joined the Amaravati solidarity event as per the rules of the local governments. Due to COVID-19 concerns, The NRIs to participated in the event in small groups of 15-20 people. However, more people took part in the event and several more NRIs have participated in the event from their homes in virtual mode.

Exceeding the expectations, lakhs of NRIs have joined the event. Telugu NRIs from USA, UK, Ireland, Kuwait, South Africa, France, Germany, Austria, Canada, Saudi Arabia, and other countries have come forward to voice their solidarity. ‘Don’t Kill Amaravati, Build Amaravati’,

Amaravati is not only the capital city but also our future, they have thundered. They are not from the same caste, same region, and same district, but their demand was the same i.e. Amaravati. They want to see Amaravati flourishing for years to come as the center of a vibrant Telugu civilization.

This solidarity is unprecedented. Never in history, NRIs had taken part in a protest movement on such a largescale. Now, they have come out in a single voice with the demand of One State One Capital slogan.

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