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Pawan to soon launch Telugu ‘Chalanachitra Adapaduchula Self Respect War Front’

Stung by controversy girl and has been actress Sri Reddy’s rant on television channels, an angry Telugu film actor and Jana Sena Party chief Pawan Kalyan is said to have galvanised the film industry and is likely to soon launch a ‘Chalanachitra Adapaduchula Self Respect War Front’ with a view to protect the self-respect of all the women in the industry.

Tweeting this information, Pawan said: “For 6 months You ABUSE & Do Emotional Atyachar on Me, My Fans, Supporters, Friends, Party Cadre, Janasainks, Film Industry and as Cherry on the Top, You Abuse my Old Mother too. You Sick minded degenerates and Now you send me feelers to apologize, privately!!.”

He was referring to the controversy girl and has been actress Sri Reddy. He then tweeted: “Public Abuse and Private Apology don’t Work with me..”

He then trained his guns on the Telugu Desam Party and tweeted thus: “Do You Know Who is TDP’s General Secretary for “Abuse Mother& Sister Wing” Who else? BoothuJyothi Rathna” RK”

He then went on to tweet: “American Constitution Preamble line “In God We Trust”; TDP Constitution Preamble line,“In Abuse We Trust.” Except for God, మిగతాదంతా same to same.”

Later, turning his attention on to the media, he tweeted: “జర్నలిజం విలువలు తో ఉన్న చానెల్స ్, పత్రికలు, సమదృష్టికోణం తో ఉండే ఛానెల్సని, పత్రికలకి నిలబడతం. మనలని,మన తల్లులుని, ఆడపడుచులుని తిట్టే పేపర్లు ఎందుకు చదవాలి? వాళ్ళ టీవీలు ఎందుకు చూడాలి??” (Why should we watch Tv channels that do not encourage values? We should avoid such channels.)

Pawan then ended his angry tirade against Sri Reddy, TV channels, and the TDP thus: “What kind of ‘Nirbhaya Act’ is needed to protect ourselves from this Emotional Atyacharis?? Who Run these three channels??”

It appears that Sri Reddy had tweeted on April 20 the following: “పవన్ కళ్యాణ్ అమ్మ గారికి నా శిరస్సు వంచి పది లక్షల సాష్టాంగనమస్కారాలు నన్ను క్షమించండి అమ్మ, మీ చెప్పుతో కొట్టండి నన్ను కానీ సినీ పెద్దలకు మిమ్మల్ని అంటే గాని అర్ధం కాలేదమ్మా ఈ ఒంటరి ఆడ పిల్ల బాధ, మీ ఫోటో చూసి పది లక్షల సార్లు క్షమించమని వేడుకున్నా అమ్మ (Respected mother of Mr. Pawan Kalyan, I bow 10 lakh time at your feet. Please pardon me. Hit me with your footwear. I had to target you to provoke the film industry bigwigs to understand the problem of casting couch.”

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