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People want TRS government once again: KCR in Pragati Nivedana Sabha

Cabinet meet on KCR return from Delhi visit gains importance

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao said, “People in every village in Telangana want TRS party once again to come into power”. He attended as the chief guest at ‘Pragati Nivedana Sabha’ public meeting at Kongara Kalan and addressed the huge gathering.

KCR said, “There are many speculations being written in media about the advancement of elections and dissolution of the State Legislative Assembly. When I told the same to my cabinet colleagues they entrusted me with the responsibility of taking the decision regarding this in the larger interest of the Telangana state.” He also said a committee headed by party’s Rajya Sabha member K Keshava Rao will be formed very soon to work out the election manifesto with new schemes and programmes.

The CM on Sunday asked the people of the state not to become slaves to Delhi parties, criticising indirectly the opposition Congress party.  “We should make sure that power is vested in our hands for self-respect rather than Delhi leadership dictating our state… don’t become slaves to Delhi parties” the chief minister said at a rally near Ibrahimpatnam, on the outskirts of  Hyderabad city.

The CM presented a report card of his four-year-old TRS government and sought their support to continue the welfare and developmental works being undertaken by it.

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