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Peru celebrate 55 years of diplomatic relations

Peru seeks production of generic medicines by Indian companies in their country and early conclusion of Free Trade Agreement
On May 11, 2018, the top administration of Peru has acknowledged that their country has set to learn and benefit from the richest story of India and resolved with India to outstandingly increase the trade relations as the two countries celebrated 55 years of diplomatic ties in Lima.
Peru celebrate 55 years
Vice President M.Venkaiah Naidu today held immeasurable talks with President, Prime Minister and senior Ministers of Peru in Lima today about a range of problems stipulate the specific areas for enhanced commitment. and also spoke that a length about India’s strength in a supply of quality and cost-effective generic medicines, IT Technology, Space applications, defence equipment, Science & Technology etc…
During the delegacy level talks, the Peruvian’s Prime Minister Cesar Villanueva Bardales, leading a deputation of four ministers and senior official observed that India recognised as a leader in the pharma sector and Peru could take advantage of the same. Ms.Silvia Pessah Eljay who has Health Minister of Peru proposed that Indian Government may do needful to enable Indian Pharma corporations set up generic medicines manufacturer facilities in Peru. Peruvian side suited to consider the proposal of Naidu for hassle-free registration of Indian pharma associations for the supply of medicines.
Peru celebrate 55 years
Rogers Valencia Espinoza who has Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism of Peru, while speaking of the potential of symmetric trade between the two nations said Peru was determined about concluding a Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement with India. He mentioned in that, the two rounds of discussions were already in this regard and the third round is to be held in Delhi in August this year. He emphasizes that need to conclude this accordance at the advance for mutual benefit.
Peru’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Nestor Popolizio Bardales emphasized that India deserved to be a Permanent member of the United Nation’s Security Council in line with its size, roles and responsibilities in the global scheme of things. He restated Peru’s support to India in this respect.
Earlier, throughout his talks with the President of Peru, Vice President Naidu said that 55 years of diplomatic ties between the two countries is a major landmark and it was time to evaluate the achievements so far to figure out a clear course of action to realize the full perspective.
Peruvian President said his country is closely watching India’s advancement in various sectors including its transformation from an agrarian wealth to being an IT leader with mighty capacities in Science & Technology, space sector etc.
Peru celebrate 55 years
Sharing Naidu’s concern about terrorism, President of Peru noted that while terrorists come out with new manoeuvrings, the global community to act together to counter terrorism in all it’s different forms and shapes.
After the legation,level talks, India and Peru signed an Agreement on Cooperation in New and Renewable Energy. Peru is a founder member of the International Solar Alliance, established with India taking the initiative.
Peru’s External Affairs Ministry organized a special programme in Lima commemorating the 55 years of diplomatic ties with India. Peruvian youth performed Bharat Natyam which was appreciated by Vice President Venkaiah Naidu.

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