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Petition filed to ban violent video games

Hyderabad: Forum Against Corruption, an organisation in Hyderabad, has filed a petition before the ministry of electronics and information technology, against PUBG, an online video game, and demanded a ban on games with violence and cruelty.

Psychological experts say the effect of the game depends on the environment the people are living in, but it can be addictive and affect other activities by children.

‘Children below eight years of age are prone to get influenced more, as they are in their developmental stage,’ said Dr P. K. N. Chowdary, a senior psychiatrist.

‘But the effect on those above eight years of age will depend on the kind of environment they live in and parental influence,’ the doctor said.

Players, of course, are in protest mode at the thought of the game being banned.

‘If video games with violence are banned then movies and newspapers with crime should also be taken care of, as they reach millions of people daily,’ said a player on the condition of anonymity.

‘Video games are redirecting the negativity that exits in us into virtual violence and decreasing it in the real world.’

However, members from the Forum against Corruption said, ‘Around 28 countries have already banned video games because of violence and cruelty in them. Kids and adults of all age groups are getting addicted to this game and we worry about untoward incidents.’

Mr Sai Teja from FAC said, ‘We are hoping that the ministry, which is the enforcement-cum-regulatory authority for such things, will act before it is too late and save some lives getting lost or ruined.’

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