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Petrol,Diesel Prices Hiked After Karnatka Elections

Prices of petrol and diesel had been hit for the last 19 days, but prices have been increased after the voting in Karnataka was over. On Monday, oil companies have hiked petrol and diesel prices.
Due to this increase after two days of voting in Karnataka, diesel has crossed the figure of 66 rupees. At the same time, petrol in Delhi has reached the highest level of 56 months. With this increase, Diesel has made the record of reaching the highest level in terms of prices.
On Monday, in Delhi where you have to pay Rs. 74.80 for a liter of petrol. At the same time, its price in Mumbai has reached Rs 82.65 per liter. Rs 77.50 in Kolkata and Rs 77.61 per liter in Chennai.
Talk of diesel, it has reached new record level in Delhi. According to information given on the site of Indian Oil Company, you have to pay 66.14 rupees per liter for a liter of diesel in Delhi. In Mumbai, diesel has reached Rs 70.43. 68.68 in Kolkata and Rs. 69.79 per liter in Chennai.
Rally may continue: After the release of the brake at the prices of petrol and diesel due to the Karnataka elections, prices may start to rise once again. Internationally, crude oil prices have reached a high of 2014. Its direct impact will be seen on petrol and diesel prices in India.
In the last 19 days, the price of one liter of petrol was Rs 74.63 in Delhi. So on Monday it has increased 17 paise. At the same time, talk about diesel, the price of one liter diesel in Delhi remained unchanged at 65.93 for the last 19 days. But after voting in Karnataka, it has increased 21 paise.
At present, the prices of petrol and diesel are changed every day. Because of this, any change in crude oil prices at international level is reflected in the prices of petrol and diesel in India.

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