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PM Modi shares four requests for democracy ahead of Lok Sabha elections

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called upon people to register as voters at the earliest and give their voter card a place of pride in their life. In a blog titled “Four Requests For Democracy”, Mr Modi said people can apply online or through BLOs of their respective polling stations or at the electoral registration office. He also asked voters to revisit electoral rolls and check whether their names are there.

He requested people to encourage their families, friends and colleagues to vote. He called for motivating them and, if need be, to force them to venture out and exercise their franchise on polling day. Mr Modi said, 2019 elections are special because for the first time, those born in the 21st century will be able to cast their votes.

He hoped that all eligible youngsters who have not registered to vote will do so and enrich the democracy by voting. The Prime Minister also called upon influencers from all fields, including politics, industry, sports, films, media and other walks of life, to take the lead in creating voter awareness.

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