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Ponnam slams PM Modi over his publicity stints


TPCC working president Ponnam Prabhakar today slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for holding publicity stints over his last seven year rule as the PM. He alleged that the PM did not have time to prevent the second wave of the virus and was busy to sing peans  about his pathetic rule.

He asked the PM as to why he was giving certificates comprising his pictures  to those who have taken two Covid vaccine shots by spending Rs.1250 to Rs.1500 from their own pockets. He asked the PM if he didn’t have the responsibility to administer the vaccine free of cost on all the Indians of the country. He demanded the central government to administer the vaccine to all the people of the country in the same manner as it administers polio vaccine. He advised the PM to think about the miserable  failure of the vaccine drive by his government. 

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