Python coils around old man’s neck in Thiruvananthapuram

Python coils around old man’s neck in Thiruvananthapuram

A labourer who tried to catch a python that was spotted during daily wage works had a narrow escape when it coiled around his neck in Thiruvananthapuram. Other labourers managed to save him from the grip of the giant snake. The python coiled around the neck of Bhuvanachandran Nair while he was engaged in daily wage works in KICMA College in Neyyar Dam. The incident took place on Tuesday by 11 in the morning.

The labourers spotted the snake while clearing the bushes on the premises. Following this, they informed Neyyar forest department. When Bhuvanachandran Nair attempted to catch the python and put it in a sack, it coiled around his neck.

The labourers with him struggled to release him from the snake’s grip. Shortly after this, forest department officials arrived and caught the python that was about 5 feet long. The officials released the snake into the deep forest.

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