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Rahul Gandhi: Shikanji Seller Started Coca-Cola, Dhabawallah McDonald’s

On Monday Congress President Rahul Gandhi offered interesting analogies to argue that skilled OBC communities are being given short shrift by the Modi government, unlike abroad where the owner of Coca-Cola used to sell shikanji (lemonade) in the US while the owners of McDonald’s ran a “dhaba”.

He also said that Coca-Cola and McDonald’s, top automobile companies like Ford, Mercedes & Honda were started by mechanics. The analogies came at an OBC convention of the party, where Rahul sought to illustrate the point that unlike meritocratic systems abroad, the government was not giving opportunities and financial support to “highly skilled” backward communities in India.

He said,”Everyone must have heard about the Coca-Cola company. Who started this company, does anyone know? He sold shikanji in America. He used to mix sugar in water. His talent was honoured and he got money and started Coca-Cola company.”

“You must have heard about McDonald’s company, which is seen everywhere. Who started it and what did he do? He used to run a dhaba. You show me a ‘dhabawala’ in India who has created a company like Coca-Cola. Where is it? Show me one automobile company started by a mechanic”.

Gandhi blamed the Modi government & RSS saying that “our dhabawallahs or mechanics” do not lack knowledge but doors of banks and politics are shut for our ‘dhabawallahs’, mechanics, ‘dhobis’ $ other backwards.

BJP’s backward MPs had complained to him that they helped “Modi become PM but he allows them no voice in the party” and all the power lies with RSS, Rahul said.

He also said,”India has become a slave of BJP’s few leaders and RSS. It is good, and nobody can stop it, that the entire opposition, Congress or Janata Dal, is coming together. In 6 months or 1 year, Modi, Amit Shah & Mohan Bhagwat will understand that three people cannot run India. It will be run by people, its youth”.

He added that the Centre had waived loans to the tune of Rs 2.5 lakh crore for 15 industrialists but had done nothing for dying farmers.

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