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Revanth writes open letter to KTR

Two CMs are hand in glove on Pothireddyapdu : MP Revanth Reddy

Congress Party MP A. Revanth Reddy today wrote an open letter to state industries and IT minister KTR and alleged that the minister continue to cheat the people of the state.

            In his letter, he said that KTR had raised the issue of Vizag Steel Plant and extended his party’s support to the ongoing agitation against the privatization of the steel plant only to gain benefit in the upcoming MLC elections. He mocked that there was no comparison between the words of the ruling party leaders and their deeds in parliament.

He alleged that the ruling party MPs did not take part in the agitation held in parliament on the issue of increasing petrol and diesel prices. He asked KTR as to why his party MPs were not attending the ongoing parliament session. He wondered if the TRS party MPs were scared of prime minister Narendra Modi. He mocked that KTR was not ready to fight on the unfulfilled demands  related to the state but was ready to fight for the prevention of the privatization of the Vizag steel plant. He said that neither the ruling party MPs fight on the unfulfilled demands of the state nor KTR come to Janthar Mantar to sit on an indefinite hunger strike demanding the center to fulfill their demands.

He said that it had become a habit for the KTR to talk about the rights of the state ahead of any kind of elections and forgot about them immediately after the elections. Reddy once again asked KTR to make his stand clear on the issue of holding the dharna at Jantar Mantar in Delhi along with him or not.

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