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Status: Just Launched            Publisher: HarperCollins India            Available: All Over India

Mumbai: He is the Chief Damned Officer of his company. The address to his portal reads His debut book, also a national bestseller, is titled Aisle Be Damned. Rishi Piparaiya, the man who has done a damned good job at just about everything that came his way, is now out with his second book, Job Be Damned, a rollicking testament on office satire that has already opened to a flurry of rave reader reviews.

“Job Be Damned is an insider’s insight into corporate life, presented with incredible wit and sarcasm. A damned good book that brings corporate satire to centre stage in India” writes an reader reviewer. The book is published by HarperCollins India and available at all leading bookstores.

“The book has been inspired by true life events at work to which I have been witness. Meetings, for example, as a routine at work always amused me, even more so since many would be never-ending discussions on nothing in particular. Meetings are a completely acceptable alternative to work, and you will rarely get castigated for participating. With a little tact and practice, one can turn these meetings to accomplish one’s own objectives. A step by step guide on how to set oneself up to become proficient in this has been included in the book,” says Rishi Piparaiya, author.

Rishi Piparaiya is an unlikely satirist. A management graduate from Cornell University; he was part of senior management in some of the largest multinational corporations and international banks. A CXO in the early 40s, Rishi is an insider and has curated several real-life, nonsensical work-place situations that are the basis for the outlandishly incisive suggestions made in the book.

“Job Be Damned is the kick in the backside that you so desperately need. This book recognizes that you are an average employee and ensures that, by the time you’re done reading it, you’ll be the best average employee there can be. You will gain a unique perspective to help navigate every tricky workplace situation-and unmatched bullshit-doling and handling capabilities to wing it through your spectacularly unexciting job,” he writes about his book in the blurb.

Commenting on the book Mr Jerry Rao, Founder & former CEO of Mphasis states, “Job Be Damned is intelligent, insightful and rip-roaringly funny. It’s as if P.G. Wodehouse wandered into the corporate world and Dilbert kept him company.”

The book covers the entire spectrum of corporate career stages starting from the job search and ending at one’s inevitable termination, for all kinds of professionals.

“Over two decades, I have worked with multinational corporations across geographies including the USA, Europe and India; and led multiple functions including sales, marketing, products, business development and strategy. I have managed thousands of professionals and partnered with all types of organisations including start-ups, SMEs, PSUs and MNCs. It is all these experiences that have culminated in Job Be Damned. I always had a sense of humour at work and was known for my satirical and irreverent memos that would be invariably circulated all around the organisation. Job Be Damned probably takes my satirical outlook to the next level,” concludes Mr Piparaiya.

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