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Score Zero Be Our Hero

Scoring a zero will now make one a ‘hero’ with the Hyderabad Traffic Police (HTP), reads the newest posts from Traffic Police on social media, as part of a new inventiveness to build roads of Hyderabad safer for travel. People who are scored zero penalty points will be felicitated by Anjani Kumar, who has Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad. the event is held on Friday.
Traffic Police, over the past two weeks, has been extolling the citizens who have not recorded any penalty points to date and are inspiring those with zero penalty points to send in photos of their Regional Transport Authority (RTA) m-wallets. “Score Zero Be Our Hero” read HTP’s latest post on social media.
Note : All the zero penalty owners are invited to participate in the event scheduled to be held at 3 pm at Tivoli Garden function hall on Friday.

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