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SGIS Students has seen outstanding achievement in CAIE Examinations 2018

I am delighted that the hard work of students and staff has been rewarded with fantastic results. All at Sanjay Ghodawat International School(SGIS) are very proud that the determination and effort of the students has seen outstanding achievement this year in CAIE Examinations March 2018, resulting in 30% in grades A* & A at IGCSE Level,  25% in grade A  at AS Level and 34% in grades A* & A at A Level.

At IGCSE Level,

Amaan Saleem Yalgi – 5A* &1A

Amaan Saleem Yalgi

Pranav Pradeep Odugouder- 5A*

Pranav Pradeep Odugouder

Chirag Anil Ostwal- 4A* & 2 A

Chirag Anil Ostwal-

Abhiroop Vijaymahantesh Patil- 4A* & 1A

Siddhi Sandeep Uchale- 3A* & 3A

Yugandhar Jaysing Patil-3A* & 2A

Ravitejas Prakash Tolinvar- 1A* & 2 A

Anjali Deepak Shinde- 1A*

At AS Level,

Ranasingh Prithviraj Patil-3A

Aeshna Rajendra Jain- 2A


Jyotiraditya Dinesh Chavan- 2A

Rea Saramaria D’Souza- 1A

Ketaki Uttam Patil- 1A

Vamshi Krishna Kodipaka- 2A

Baji Surat Jadhav- 2A

At A Level

Parth Sushil Mandhana- 3A* & 1A



Vrinda Prakash Saraf- 2A* & 1A


Wishing the achievers all the best for their furt


her studies and career.


Mrs. Sasmita Mohanty, Director Principal

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