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Spy cameras secretly live-streamed 1,600 hotel guests in South Korea

Two South Korean men have been arrested after allegedly installing spy cameras in dozens of hotel rooms, secretly recording more than 1,600 guests and live-streaming the footage. The men are accused of installing cameras in electrical sockets, hairdryer holders and digital TV boxes in 30 hotels in ten cities across South Korea, local police said.

They would then broadcast the footage on a website with thousands of members, charging a $44.95 monthly fee. South Korea is no stranger to misconduct involving secretively filmed videos; some have even called it a “spy cam epidemic.”

In the past five years, cases of illegal filming in South Korea have skyrocketed by the thousands. There were 6400 reported incidents in 2017.¬†Thousands of women protested in Seoul last year on several occasions against the videos as part of the country’s growing #MeToo¬†movement.

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