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Sri Reddy goes top nude

True to her words, the controversy girl Sri Reddy went top nude in front of the gate of the office of the Movie Artist Association (MAA) in Hyderabad this morning in protest against the MAA officials for not granting her membership.

With the result, traffic went haywire. Cameras of various TV channels zoomed in on her.

Egged on by this instant publicity, Sri Reddy started shouting,”I am also from Manchu family. I too come from respectful background. However, my ego got hurt. That is why I have gone top nude in protest.”

However, there are reports that Sri Reddy has staged this tamasha in front of the Movie Artist Association (MAA) in collusion with a little-known Telugu television channel.

The reason behind the tamasha was that she wanted membership of the MAA and MAA sources said they are not denying her its membership. However, they have asked Sri Reddy to pay Rs 1 lakh towards membership fee. Which she refused to pay and that is why this tamasha on public road.

Interestingly, there are reports that the reporters and camera men of the local TV channel had arrived at the MAA office even before the arrival of Sri Reddy.

Sources also claimed that the representatives of the TV channel had gone to the extent of questioning the MAA on the membership issue in favour of Sri Reddy.

It is very sad to see that the reputation of the media has gone down the drain thanks to the antics of some black sheep in the industry.

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