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Sri Reddy’s call record leak bomb sends tremors in film industry

The Telugu film industry is in the midst of a major turmoil, thanks to Sri Reddy’s casting couch campaign. There are rumbling in the Pawan Kalyan camp after the record of a call between Sri Reddy and her friend got leaked. Who leaked it we don’t know yet, but definitely, the call record is unleashing a series of tumors in the film industry.

According to the call record leaks, Sri Reddy is said to have informed her friend that maverick director Ram Gopal Varma is said to have offered Rs 5 crore to her to stop abusing Pawan Kalyan, who is not only an actor but also the president of the fledging Jana Sena Party.

Sri Reddy is also believed to have informed her friend that several junior artistes are now up in arms against her after she started to criticise Pawan Kalyan.

The controversy girl is then said to have alleged that the YSR Congress Party was behind the plot of abusing Pawan Kalyan.

In the recorded call, Sri Reddy is believed to have told her friend that she will continue her fight for the defeat of Pawan Kalyan and that she will meet Telugu Desam Party leaders in this connection if they invite her.

Meanwhile, RGV admitted that he did advise Sri Reddy to stop using abusive words against Pawan Kalyan. He then apologized to Pawan Kalyan and Sri Reddy for doing so.

Later, social activist Sandhya condemned RGV’s action and questioned the film industry’s bigwigs whether they will support RGV or initiate action against RGV for trying to influence Sri Reddy to divert the cause of the protest.

Meanwhile, reacting to Sri Reddy’s abusive comments against Pawan Kalyan, Jana Sena Kiran Royal questioned the actress and said somebody is behind the conspiracy against Pawan.

Poking his nose into the Sri Reddy controversy, Tamil film actor Vishal, who is also stepping into politics in Tamil Nadu, said that it wrong to blame the whole film industry for with regards to the casting couch issue.

While agreeing that Sri Reddy may have faced the casting couch problem, but it is not correct to pull up the entire Telugu film industry into the rut.

Even as the Sri Reddy controversy is at its peak, Pawan Kalyan’s brother Nagababu and their relative Allu Aravind issued a strong warning to those people who were making derogatory remarks against Pawan.

Interestingly, filmmaker Tammareddy Bharadwaja, during a press conference this morning, confirmed that casting couch exists in the Telugu film industry. He, however, urged people to cleanse the industry from such unwanted events.

He also appealed to the media not to aggravate the issue for TRPs, but to help the film industry in finding a solution to it.

Meanwhile, Telugu film actor Manchu Vishnu, son of veteran actor Mohan Babu, wrote a strongly worded letter to Movie Artists Association (MAA) from the US, where he on a shooting tour, on the issue of first banning Sri Reddy and then retracting the ban.

Vishnu said the issue is not just related to MAA to take such hasty decisions. He appealed to MAA to make wise decisions in future on memberships. He also requested the association to establish a Grievances Cell in the Film Chamber Hall to address various complaints.

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