Sridevi slips into ‘Mom’ mode even after the shoot

Through hundreds of her splendid performances, Sridevi in her 50-year-long career has proven that she is among the finest actresses in Indian cinema.

After a well-acknowledged comeback in 2012, the actress will now be seen in the emotion-laden thriller, Mom.

The actress, given her own experiences as a mother, instantly connected with her character and the script.

While shooting the film over a period of two months, not only did Sridevi restrict her social conversations, but she also kept her dialogue with her husband, producer Boney Kapoor, to the bare minimum.

She was evidently absorbed in her character, so much so that she continued to live it even after they called it a day on the sets.

On several occasions, Sridevi, who plays Deviki in the film, was seen shifting unconsciously into her character. Her daughters, Jhanvi and Khushi would point that out to her and tell her to snap out of it.

Once a mother, always a mother.

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