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Srireddy in Newzeland Times

Sri Reddy in Newyork Times.

There was no shortage of television cameras when Sri Reddy, an Indian film actress, took off her top.

Ms. Reddy, a middling start in central India, announced on Saturday that she was staging a protest against sexual harassment in the Indian film industry, one of the bolder #MeToo-type moments that the country has seen.

She marched up to the offices of a film commission, stripped half-naked and stood there glaring at a bank of cameras, hands covering her breasts.

“Are we girls, or things to play with?” she asked.

She was then whisked off by the police to face possible charges of public nudity.

India makes more movies than anywhere else. Bollywood and its smaller cousins (such as Mollywood, Tollywood, and Bollywood — all named after the areas where the films are shot or the languages they use) represent a hugely influential industry.

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