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Tamil actor Sivakumar buys a new phone to fan and says apology

A couple of days ago, veteran actor Sivakumar made headlines for smacking a fan’s phone who was trying to take a selfie with the star. The video went viral and the actor faced criticism for his rude behaviour in public. After facing the wrath of the public, Sivakumar, in a video message, apologised for his action.

Now, in a move to pacify the dejected fan named Rahul, he has gifted a new mobile phone worth Rs 21,000. In an interview with a television channel, Rahul said, “Sivakumar is a great actor, but I didn’t expect him to behave in this way. He didn’t apologise to me in person. Instead, he has put out a video regretting his rude behaviour.

In my life, I would never attempt to take a selfie with any movie star. I take this as a lesson.” In a video, Sivakumar apologised and said, “If the majority of the people feel that Sivakumar shouldn’t have done it whatsoever, then I regret my actions. I am very sorry.”

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