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Tech Mahindra CEO: 94% Of IT Graduates Not Fit For Hiring

CP Gurnani, CEO of Tech Mahindra says that 94% of IT graduates are not eligible for jobs in Indian IT companies. Gurnani is laying the foundation for next level development in Tech Mahindra. He is busy preparing a road map of Tech Mahindra’s next generation.

Gurnani says that entry into new technology such as Manpower Skilling and Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cyber Security, Machine Learning, is a big challenge for Indian IT companies. They think that when it comes to jobs, big IT companies do not consider 94% of IT graduates eligible for this.

Gurnani says that I give you an example of a city like Delhi. Today, a student with 60% marks cannot get admission in English, but he will definitely be admitted into engineering. My point is simple- are we not creating people for unemployment? The Indian IT industry wants skills.

He says that if you come to Tech Mahindra, I have created a five-acre tech & learning centre. Other top companies have also created similar facilities to skilled employees. For learnability, skill development and is ready for the market, the onus is now shifting onto the industry… Despite all this, the top 10 IT companies take only 6% of the engineering graduates. What happens to the remaining 94%?

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