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Telangana checks suspected cases in the outbreak of ‘Nipah’ virus

HYDERABAD: Two people who are suspected to be suffering from Nipah virus infection are admitted at hospitals in Hyderabad. Both the suspected patients are around 25-year-old. One among them has recently been to Kerala on a tour with a group of people. Both the patients are isolated and blood, swab samples are collected from the patients and sent to National Institute of Virology (NIV)-Pune.

Director of Telangana Medical Education Dr K Ramesh Reddy said that “there is no need for the public to panic said that as they did not want to take any chance, they sent the samples to test for both Nipah virus and Swine Flu as symptoms for both the infections overlap.”

Symptoms of infection caused by Nipah virus include encephalitis accompanied by Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS). Other symptoms include a cough, cold, high-grade fever.

“One among the two suspected cases went to Kerala. I spoke to National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) officials who are in Kerala who said that the place the man has been to is hundreds of kilometres away from localities where Nipah virus cases are reported. So chances for him to test positive are less. The samples will reach NIV-Pune by morning.” said Dr Ramesh Reddy.

“The patient who has been to Kerala is admitted to Fever hospital in Nallakunta. A special ward is created to isolate the patient. In case of the second patient, sources said he was diagnosed with Enephalitis. “But the second patient, who is admitted into NIMS hospital, did not cross Hyderabad limits,” sources said.

“It is learnt that Health department officials have checked on the others who travelled with the software engineer to Kerala. Others do not have any health problem,” sources said.

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