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The best vaccine as of now for Corona is Mask, Handwash and Physical Distance: Dr Sajeev Singh Yadav

Dr Sajeev Singh Yadav

There is a lot of hope for the world in the forthcoming Vaccine for Corona. The Character of COVID is changing every week, which is making Vaccine makers job tough. We need to live with masks at least for another one year. The best Vaccine as of now for Corona is wearing a mask, handwash regularly and maintaining physical distance said Dr. Sajeev Singh Yadav, Secretary, Indian Medical Association of Telangana. He was speaking at the inauguration of three-day Preventive Health Care & Infection Control Expo and Conference which began on Thursday morning at Hitex in Madhapur.

            He warned people of excessive usage of sanitizers, which may in some cases result in losing sensitivity. 

            Panic is not the answer but the public health preparedness is, said Dr. GVS Murthy Director at Public Health Foundation of India. New Zealand and Australia have seen dropping of 90% cases just by using Face Masks. It is a proven fact that the New York Metro could effectively reduce the spread of the virus by 80% by strictly ensuring that passengers wore face masks. With masks on our face, let us better be bandits than dead by not wearing them he said

            Dr. Burri Ranga Reddy, Founder President of IFCAI(Infection Control Academy of India) speaking at the inauguration said, this is not the last pandemic. Corona is the test run for future world disasters. Since the year 1970, the world has seen fifteen hundred new viruses and 70% of them are animal originated. 

            Speaking further Dr Ranga Reddy added that the Corona infection trajectory was looking comfortable in India. And said that Europe, America and US were going through the second and third wave of the pandemic. Some are even going for fresh lockdowns. Corona is here to stay and we better get prepared well, he told. 

            This has tested the world’s pandemic response capacity. It cost world nearly 9 trillion dollars in public health said Dr. Ranga Reddy. 

            It is the first hybrid event, both ground and virtual on Innovation, Solutions and Best practices in Preventive Healthcare, Infection Control & Decontamination to adapt to the “New Normal”. It also helps us to prepare well for the future, he added.

            The expo cum and conference powered by Sterilit, Vr Local, Sanmed and Hyzen.  The event is being organised by HITEX (Hyderabad InternationalTradeExhibitions Limited) in association with Govt. of Telangana, IFCAI (Infection Control Academy of India); HYSEA(Hyderabad Software Exporters Association);   TFMC (Telangana Facility Management Association), IMA(India Medical Association) – Telangana; BDMA(Bulk Drug Manufacturers Association); TRSMA(Telangana Recognized Schools Management Association), ; TSHA(Telangana State Hotels Association); IAMM(Indian Association of Medical Microbiologists – Telangana and Andhra Pradesh Chapter);Phamrexcil(Pharmaceutical Export Council)

            Many Doctors and Corona warriors were felicitated during the inaugural function which includes Dr MG Krishna Murthy, Pulmonologist and many others from Gandhi Hospital and other hospitals.

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