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The city stands for ‘life springing from the ruins’: Vice President

The Vice President of India, M Venkaiah Naidu visited the consequential Antigua (beloved) Guatemala city on May 8, 2018, for empathetic how the heritage-rich is being managed since it was declared as a World Heritage City by the UNESCO in 1979.
Naidu was discussed at length of the conservancy quota with the representative of the city Ms Susana Heidi Asencio Lueg and distressed executives. And also went around various gravestone replaced and being conserved. He was impressed by the city’s heritage come from the sixteenth centenary and its storage is defending more to devastation, 
The third capital built by the Spanish emperors considering their assault of Guatemala in 1524 by Antigua Guatemala. First two capitals have to be deserted by 1541 on account of refusal from near warriors and natural mishap sequentially. The witness old Guatemala witnessed series of earthquakes since 1565 and was lost by earthquake Santa Marta in 1773 by the cause shifting of capital to the present Guatemala City.
Naidu assigned that the antique of Mayan civilisation of Guatemala and the Indus civilisation of India and stressed and need to protect the rich cultural backgrounds which would be in turn of guide the present and future ages. and also indicated to Ahmedabad also being announced as a World Heritage City and noted that ‘twinning’ of the two heritage cities would benefit both.
Venkayya Naidu visited the historic monuments as well as San Jose, Cathedral Museum of Colonial Art. King’s Palace, a modernized ravaged estate being run as a hotel etc.
Naidu is being attended by a delegation including Jaswant Singh Bhabor who has Minister of State for Tribal Affairs, and Members of Parliament Ms Chhaya Verma, Anil Desai, Tiruchi Siva, and Kamlesh Paswan.

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