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They call me Amma in morning, demand sex at night: Telugu actress Sandhya Naidu

After small-time Telugu actress and controversy girl Sri Reddy opened the pandora’s box of something called the casting couch in Tollywood, she did not realize that more women would speak out on the way the film industry treats women.

Sharing her experience with men in the Telugu film industry, actress Sandhya Naidu said: “They call me ‘amma’…in the morning and ask (me) to…sleep with them at night.”

Sandhya Naidu has been generally portraying roles of mothers and aunties and she has been in the industry for a decade. Sandhya claimed one of the men even asked her as to what I was wearing and whether it was transparent.

Some of the other supporting artists facing the casting couch incidents in the industry include K Apoorva and Sunitha Reddy.

Sunitha Reddy disclosed that they were forced to change clothes outdoors.

Sunitha said, “We have to change clothes outdoors and relieve ourselves outdoors. While the managers ask us to use the caravans of the stars, we are not allowed and are treated like worms. They use crude language and ask us not to lurk around.”

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