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TITA to prepare 1 lakh coders by 2022

TITA inks pact with University of Texas at Dallas

Given the growing requirement of coding in the software sector, Telangana Information Technology Association (TITA) ‘Digithon’ has announced that it would impart coding skills to one lakh people in the next two years. For this, TITA has inked a pact with the renowned University of Texas at Dallas (UTD), United States.

Speaking about the need for honing coding skills, TITA Global President Sundeep Kumar Makthala said that coding was now becoming a sought-after skill and that is definitely worth learning. Citing a World Economic Forum (WEF) report that says Artificial Intelligence (AI) will create 133 million new jobs and will displace 70 million existing ones in next two years, Makthala said that in order to prepare people for the scenario learning coding is crucial.

Makthala said that the recently announced New Education Policy too lays emphasis on introducing coding at the school level. In many countries, this is taught as early as Grade VI. Keeping this in view, TITA and the University of Texas at Dallas agreed to impart basic coding skills. TITA set goal of training 1 lakh people in coding by 2022, Makthala said.

Explaining the importance of coding, Makthala said the widespread and daily use of computers in almost every area of lives makes the skill of being able to communicate with computers even more valuable, with more and more applications for coding being realized every day.

Detailing the training module, Makthala said that it has been designed keeping basic subjects in mind. He said that coding is the backbone of anything computer-related operation. Creating software, apps, websites, or games all require knowledge of programming languages. He said that experts will train to code based on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology developed Scratch which will focus on the basic level program, developing games, voice to text conversion, developing games based on Python programming. By the end of the two weeks, the trained youth will be able to develop basic-level video games on their own.

Makthala said that the TITA pact with UTD aims to hone skills of Telangana youth in crucial coding. He said that in the post-Covid era, coding skills hold great prominence in terms of employment and education. He said that the two-week-long training program will help youth, students and teachers and urged them to avail the opportunity.

Participants will receive a certificate issued jointly by UTD and Digithon. Makthala said that TITA’s efforts to hone coding skills of youth will give an impetus to the Telangana government’s initiative of declaring the year 2020 as ‘Year of Artificial Intelligence’. It is our bit to realise the goals laid down by IT Minister KT Rama Rao in the AI area, he added.

Those interested in the coding program can register themselves at the following link More details can be had from the following contacts 6300368705;8123123434.


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