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‘Titanic 2’ the replica ship could sail as soon as 2022

Exactly 110 years after the Titanic hit an iceberg and sank in one of the world’s most infamous disasters at sea, an ambitious successor will set off to finally complete its doomed maiden voyage. Mr Palmer began the project to build a replica Titanic and put the passenger ship into service between Southampton and New York in 2012 but abandoned it in 2015 due to financial difficulties.

He said the Titanic II would be a beacon for peace. “It represents the spirit of man, the spirit of love, the hope that all men have for peace on Earth in our time, and goodwill to all men … to dream the impossible dream.” Mr Palmer earlier this week announced the Titanic II project would open its European headquarters in Paris rather than London.

He confirmed discussions were under way between the project’s world director and suppliers and consultants worldwide to get work underway as soon as possible. The ship will have the same interiors and layout as the original vessel, but modern technology and safety procedures. It is scheduled to set sail in 2022, 110 years after the Titanic hit an iceberg and sank on its maiden voyage.

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