What Message Do Fake Records Give To Society?


About two decades ago, fake records used to plague the Telugu film industry. Those days, film makers were feeling proud if their films ran for 50 days and 100 days in as many centres as possible.

They used to make tall claims of achieving records by manipulating the number of days their films had run.

Now, gone are the days when films run for so many days. Even the clamour for so-called records also has quietly disappeared.

However, the war of one-upmanship has shifted to box office collection figures. Thanks to internet revolution and awareness through social media, box office collection details have become part of the day-to-day information flow.

Apart from websites which track the box office collections, the social media has also seen growth of trade trackers.

Initially, they used to project the correct figures of collections transparently, but now, producers and PROs have started influencing them of late.

While heroes are eager to project their stamina, producers have stepped into this dirty number game to maintain their track records, resulting in hyped and exaggerated figures of box office collections flooding the media.

In the past, a distributor used to reveal the exact figures of collections and the profits he had made. But now, even distributors are under pressure to fudge figures.

For some films, heroes and producers themselves are disclosing the collections and their claims are turning out to be final. So, instead of revealing the actual collections, they are making tall claims showing fudged figures.

If a film starring a hero is released to record openings, PRO team of another hero claims well in advance that his film to be released next week will beat all the previous records.

Instead of showing progress over the years, the Telugu film industry is going down in standards in its mad race for projecting fake records!


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