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TRS, BJP have ruined Hyderabad’s brand image: Congress


Hyderabad City Congress Committee (HCCC) Minorities Department Sameer Waliullah has accused ruling TRS and BJP for ruining the brand image of Hyderabad which is consequently affecting its ranking by various forums. 
            Reacting to Hyderabad slipping to 24th position out of 49 from 6th in the Ease of Living ranking by the Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Sameer Waliullah said it was highly unfortunate that Hyderabad has scored too low in almost all parameters, especially in the quality of living. “Most of the time, it is the citizen’s perception that plays a major role in getting a rank for a city. TRS Govt has utterly failed in maintaining the brand image of Hyderabad which consequently changed people’s perception about the city and affected the ranking,” he said.
            Sameer  said that the previous Congress Government worked hard in transformation of Hyderabad into a brand at the global level. Hyderabad was ranked number one in Mercer’s Quality of Living Index in India in 2015. However, the mismanagement and neglect by TRS Govt during the last seven year, spoiled the city’s image and also its branding,” he said. 
            The Congress leader also expressed concern over Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) ranking 17th rank among 51 municipal corporations in the country. It ranked 45th in the services parameter.
            “While the TRS Government neglected Hyderabad by not granting adequate funds for development and maintenance, BJP Govt at the Centre completely removed Hyderabad from its funding lists. In fact, BJP spoiled Hyderabad’s image from being a peaceful place to a communally sensitive city and even proposed to change its name. This must stop if we wish to restore the image of Hyderabad at the global level,” he said.
            He said that the present rankings should not be dismissed without doing an analysis of what could’ve forced the ranking agencies to put Hyderabad on the 24th place among 49 other cities.

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