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TRS will retain Dubbaka seat despite open false campaign : Harish

Harish Rao

Finance Minister T Harish Rao today hit out that the Congress and the BJP resorting to make false charges to attract votes in Dubbaka by polls. He welcomed some Congress and BJP! Leaders in Toguta mandal into the TRs fold by offering pink shawls. 

            On the occasion,  Harish Rao claimed that the leaders, and,activists of opposition parties are in support of KCR government and welfare schemers.  The government will bring Mallanna Sagar waters soon to Toguta mandal he assured. 

            The minister said that only the TRS developed the state in all sectors,  which was not done in 60 years by successive governments. The people support to us and reject opposition wrong campaign. 

            The Congress and the BJP will do nothing and come in the way of development.  He alleged that the previous Congress and TD governments failed o give waters and power to people. 

            The minister recalled the Congress and the TDP rulers had duped people by not resolving the problems of waters, and power supply.  He slammed the Congress and the BJP leaders for their comments and campaign in Dubbaka for by polls

            He ridiculed the opposition leaders for trying to attract voters who will teach them a lesson

            We hope to win the seat with big majority by support of people he hoped.  The Congress and the BJP will get defeat and lose deposits,  he added

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