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Volunteering and its Surprising health benefits

Volunteering and its Surprising health benefits

In this fast-paced world, where everything is changing, volunteering brings a lot of difference in the lives of others. Do you know that on an average, people are spending 52 hours per year to volunteer in their free time. Volunteering releases your stress hormones by enhancing self-confidence. Besides, it is a fun way of meeting new people in a new environment. 

The power volunteering

In the words of Randy, Lewis volunteering is “No greatness without goodness”. Hence, it’s one of the noble activities that needs to be inculcated from childhood. 

Most of the time, the main motto of volunteering is to help others in various ways. According to research, approximately 63% of Americans, 25% of the adult population devote their time towards sharing their knowledge, energy, time and make a difference in the society.

Ways to volunteer 

So, wondering how to volunteer in your free time 

  • Offering help to a family through nurturing their children, Caring for elderly parents, taking them for shopping, inviting them for a walk etc.
  • Read stories at government schools, take children to field trips by spending Saturdays with them, mowing and beautifying the school garden, and helping educators in their daily schedules. 
  • Tutor a student by teaching them life skills like sewing, cooking, repairs etc. 
  • Volunteering at a hospital by sitting with patients, pushing wheelchairs for the needy persons, manning information booths, working with children
  • This will be a better way of showing gratitude that promotes health. Moreover, according to statistics, people aged 35-44 are more interested in volunteering. 

Health benefits of volunteering

  • Reduces the risk of depression by increasing social interaction
  • Build self-esteem and boost self-confidence by creating a natural sense of accomplishments. It gives a sense of identity and pride 
  • According to a study conducted in the University of Missouri and Brigham, 700 students of the age 11-14 reported that their self-confidence improved after doing volunteering
  • Teaches valuable skills with a sense of belongingness
  • Helps in staying active mentally and physically
  • To conclude better volunteer at the service and take the responsibility to make the world a better place to live in. Find opportunities to volunteer that boost your physical and mental activity.

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