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Wakf Board Curbs on Bakrid prayers

Wakf Board,Bakrid prayers

Telangana Wakf Board today instructed Muslims to participate in Bakrid festival of Idul Ada by following Corona norms. 

There will be mass prayers,  purchase of sheep and goats, at open markets the board directed. The wakf board has issued some guidelines to be followed during the Namaj or prayers. 

The Muslins can attend prayers in mosques with 50 persons by maintaining 2 meters of social distance,  using masks and sanitisers. The Muslims can perform prayers twice to mark the occasion the board said. 

The board has restricted the Muslims from performing prayers at Eedgahs to check Corona spread.  There will be no shake hands and hugs to exchange pleasantries as usual and to contain virus spread the board said. 

Large number of people or groups are not allowed during Bakrid festival the board said. It said that Mecca Masjid near Charmunar and Shahi Masjid at public gardens  in Nampally are not allowed for prayers. 

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