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What students experience in Moscow schools?

Modern Moscow school is a large educational organization, which teaches children from preschool age to high school, created the conditions for the choice of different educational paths, the development of individual talents of each child.

Moscow annually hosts the festival of urban landscape design “Flower jam”: master classes in botany and floristry, sports events and thematic fairs. The territory of our school is one of the sites of this festival.

In the housing

Moscow schools are provided with modern educational and laboratory equipment, thanks to which pre-professional education is developing: engineering, medical, academic, cadet, IT classes.

Education schools in Moscow is organized in the platform “e-Moscow school”, uniting electronic journal and electronic Library of educational materials. All schools are equipped with interactive panels of the Moscow electronic school.

We are located in one of 15 buildings GBOU School № 2114. In our school 5628обучающихся (1920 children of preschool age and 3708 student). In the 9 school buildings and pre-school groups, 5зданий for pupils with 1 on 11 class, pool.

The school participates in the city’s educational projects: “Cadet class”, “Engineering class”, “Mathematical hierarchy”, “Uname”.

Technology workshop

An important result of studying at the Moscow school is the development of skills for real life and the choice of a profession in demand. To do this, the school equipped with laboratories and workshops in which students learn modern tools for processing materials, digital production equipment, learn to program.

Two modules have been created in the technology workshop:

  • In the first one, the children study the technology of artistic wood processing, preparation of metal products on lathes and milling machines.
  • In the second module, they master high-tech digital equipment. Using the capabilities of modern equipment with numerical control, laser cutting machines, modular material processing machines, students create decorative products, wall panels, elements of wooden composite toys.

Such equipment allows the school to master the competencies that are necessary for highly qualified personnel of working professions. Children take part in the all-Russian and Moscow Olympiad in technology. This academic year, our students will participate in WorldSkills Russia Juniors, competence “Milling on CNC machines”, “Laser technology”.


The availability of quality education is a reality of all Moscow schools. One of the most striking examples of material and meaningful development is IT polygon.

 IT-polygon is a single laboratory complex, which is used by all students and teachers for workshops and interdisciplinary studies, for the work of circles, implementation of applied projects.

The laboratory complex contains equipment for:

  • creation and programming of robots, competitions according to international standards in the field of robotics;
  • software development and graphic design;
  • administration of computer networks and servers, study of information security methods;
  • 3D modeling, scanning and printing;
  • study of circuitry and electrical engineering, technologies of application of programmable machines;
  • interactive panels of the Moscow electronic school.

Room 1

IT-polygon is equipped with modern graphic stations. There are computer science lessons, workshops, extracurricular activities, circles on programming (“Programming in C#”, “Programming and game”), 3D modeling and engineering design (“CAD Engineering design”).Students engineering class winners (2mesto) regional Championships 2019 Moscow masters-world skills Russia on standards, competence: “Technology information modeling BIM”, prize-winners and winners of competition on computer modeling, application programming and web technologies “Search-the BAT”.

The laboratory is equipped with a set of virtual reality equipment, which is used to conduct the course “development of VR/AR applications” and prepare students for The WorldSkills championship on the competence “development of virtual reality applications” (in 2019, students of the engineering class received a medallion for professionalism).

 Room 2

In the IT-polygon students work with individual and group projects, prepare for competitions and Olympiads, presentations at conferences. The created conditions in this room also allow to conduct intellectual games for students of the project “Mathematical vertical”.  Thanks to the modern equipment in school circles “Bases of creation of modern media content” and “Training of operators of unmanned aerial systems” are open, “club of engineers”works. Studying engineering classes won the Competition “Cup of Yasenevo for unmanned aircraft technology.”

Room 3

IT-polygon enables students not only of our educational organization, but also students from other schools of the district, located at a sufficient distance from the leading Universities and technology Parks, to study on high-tech equipment for the formation of professional skills in the areas of microelectronics and circuit design, local area networks, prototyping and Internet of things, CAD and 3D-modeling, robotics.

The new school environment is multifunctional, mobile and open to all residents of the district.

 3D modeling and prototyping zone

You see in this area of 3D scanners and an interactive drawing Board that allows you to present and visualize the future shape of the product (product), that is, to create a model of the object. 3D printing is used to perform three-dimensional design of the object. Also for the development of abstract thinking, imagination and creativity for the youngest children, we offer work with 3D – pens.

Coworking. The open interaction zone is a multifunctional mobile platform for organizing classes in different formats. It is used for lessons in mathematics, computer science and physics with the use of laptops and teaching kits. Students in engineering classes have been working here since individual engineering projects. It is a convenient platform for additional education in robotics and programming, Internet conferences.

The area of robotics

The various robotic constructors available here make it possible to model and design mobile controlled and Autonomous robots, to study the principles of sensors and actuators, to program controllers and to develop data collection and processing systems. In the city championship in robotics “My step into robotics” students took 2nd place.

Testing area of assembled models, preparation for robotic competitions

The presented fields meet the requirements of Russian and international competitions in robotics and programming, and competitions of professional skill WorldSkills. After assembling the product, the guys run the finished model and check how successfully a certain task can be performed. The equipment of this module allows to hold competitions in robotics.

All sites are equipped with powerful network equipment for the organization of effective interaction of all IT-polygons of Moscow that allows to consolidate efforts at the organization of training and gives the chance to expand the content of subjects according to tendencies of the digital world and needs of the large IT-companies.

In the 2019-2020 academic year, our school will work as a reference platform for the Olympiad “Trajectory of the future” – the first Russian certification competition among schoolchildren and students in software products and IT-competencies.  The main goals and objectives of the Olympiad “Trajectory of the future” are to create a modern information and educational environment for the development of gifted and talented children, improving the quality and prestige of engineering education; identification and evaluation of the participants of the Olympiad formed engineering and English-speaking competencies.

Chemical laboratory

It is a laboratory with modern equipment, which provides students with the opportunity to engage in research in chemistry, biology and ecology. At its base the guys are preparing to participate in competitions such as JuniorSkills, Moscow city competition of design and research works of students, VSOSH, MOSH.  Laboratory work on chemistry is also carried out.

Computer Cabinet

Modern equipment of Moscow schools allows conducting classes in any space with an interactive panel. “Moscow electronic school” is a unique combination of traditional education and digital technologies, which gives the opportunity to teach and learn in a new way: interactive lessons, an extensive library of electronic materials, electronic journal and diary.

Convenient interface for the Director: absences, results of tests, results of independent diagnostics, etc.

Engineering laboratory

The laboratory is equipped with modern demonstration equipment, providing visibility of experiments and thematic sets for laboratory work in all branches of physics. Students were given the opportunity to carry out at a high level not only educational, but also design and research activities. Digital laboratories introduce students to modern methods of measuring physical quantities and processing the results of experimental natural science research.

Students of the engineering class became prize-winners of the conference of schoolchildren within the 74th days of MISIS science in the sections “Applied computer graphics, geo-metric modeling and design, “Business, presentation and artistic graphics”, “Information technology and software engineering”.

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